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Data Networks

Get connected with the right carrier for your business.

The face of Australian business is in a state of change; quicker, more reliable Internet access is creating a new environment for business to take place. With Unified Networks we not only supply your business with a range of Data and Internet products using Australia’s Tier 1 Carriers such as Telstra, Optus, Amcom, AAPT, Vocus and TPG, our 24×7 Network operations centre use numerous software tools to monitor your network to ensure maximum uptime for your business.

Unified Networks NGN delivers a platform that we utilise to deliver an extensive range of Data and Internet access products, Cloud based services (DaaS), a full range of Cloud based IP Phone Systems and Voice solutions. Our Next Generation Network is the perfect platform for your business to benefit from the latest in Data access technologies and have access to a full range of the latest Cloud Services via a private and secure network. Unified Networks is one of only a handful of exclusive Telecommunications providers that can deliver this type of technology. 

Key facts about our network

  • Highly redundant core network design, with dual points of presence in each major capital city (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth), and multiple core carrier providers for transit (Internet), core network switching and links.
  • Our infrastructure is hosted in Next DC, Australia’s premier Tier 1 Data Centre provider. https://www.nextdc.com
  • We utilise the most interconnected networks in Australia. What this means is your Internet traffic is taking the most efficient path to the required content via our peering arrangements. http://bgp.he.net/country/AU (See Connectivity IT #1 in Australia).
  • Multiple aggregations to multiple upstream Tier 1 carriers enable Unified Networks to deliver truly redundant solutions to our customers.
  • We monitor our core network, unlike other providers who are simply reselling a finished product of a Tier 1 carrier. This allows us to better manage and monitor your services, for maximum uptime.
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Business Ethernet (Copper & Fibre)

As business moves towards Cloud based platforms, fast reliable Internet and flexibility have never been more important.

With Unified Networks’ Business Grade Ethernet connection you can ensure a seamless connection to match the growing demands of your business and your customers.

Regardless of the type of access you need our offerings ensure you can connect to the applications your business needs to get the job done.

Key Product Features

  • Scalable, symmetrical data speeds from 2Mb up to 40Mb, scalable to 1GB in Fibre areas.
  • Service Level Agreements, covering Installation Lead Time and Service Restoration.
  • Performance targets for latency and packet loss ideal for advanced and delay sensitive applications such as Voice over IP, and Cloud based services.
  • National coverage via our Tier 1 partners, Telstra, Optus, AAPT and Vocus.
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Get connected with the right carrier for your business
Business DSL

Gain access to Tier 1 carriers including – Telstra, TPG, iiNET, AAPT, Vocus and Optus.

Never be without Internet again. Dedicated ADSL2+ connectivity is ideal for both a primary usage and as a cost-effective secondary failover backup.

As Business DSL service areas are migrated to Business NBN, Unified Networks will seamlessly upgrade your connection to the latest Business NBN technology ensuring your business productivity and continuity is not affected.

Business NBN

The NBN revolution has arrived. In conjunction with our Next Generation Network your business can now experience the high-speed connectivity tailored to the size and needs of your business.

Change the way you do business, with improved productivity, greater access to new markets and cutting costs on your business phone, Internet and inter-office communication.

  • Help staff to work more effectively online and as you grow your business more people can share the same connection.
  • Take advantage of high-speed Internet connectivity to take your business online and connect with customers and partners in a new way.
  • Accessing and sharing data is easy. Introduce Cloud computing into your business, with easy collaboration between multiple sites.
  • Stay connected to offices, staff, clients, customers, suppliers and systems from multiple locations.

Our products and services are focused on business only, meaning we are not affected by consumer network congestion, ensuring our Business NBN services remains fast and reliable regardless of the time of day.

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Communicate, share and boost productivity with Unified Networks MPLS national layer 3 network capability.

What is MPLS?

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a mechanism in high-performance telecommunications networks that takes control of the path in which data packets moves between nodes. Rather than taking extensive paths based on long network addresses, the labels are able to identify the shortest possible connection to your content. This ability saves time and is purpose built to be highly redundant, maximising the uptime of your network.

Boasting any-to-any connectivity, Unified Networks MPLS is a highly effective way of connecting multiple sites; allowing Voice, Data and applications to be instantly shared by anyone on the customer’s network.

Our NGN core network is built on a high resilient industry leading, carrier grade IP/MPLS platform.

Connect your business sites via an extensive range of access options:

  • Carrier diverse access from Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Vocus and more.
  • ADSL/NBN Access from multiple carriers.
  • Fixed Wireless Ethernet as an Access option.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility – flexibility of access choice, service levels and locations.
  • Highly scalable – choose bandwidth options from 512Kbps to 1Gb Symmetrical services.
  • Secure – any to any connectivity.
  • Class of Service options to suit any business requirement, such as Voice and Remote Servers.
  • Network monitoring and Router management as a standard offering, ensure your network is managed for maximum performance and uptime.

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Fixed Wireless Ethernet

Having trouble getting connected? Fixed Wireless Ethernet is the ideal solution for business wherein traditional service (Terrestrial copper and/or Fibre) is not accessible.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet also delivers a truly redundant secondary connection when customers demand zero downtime within their business.

Delivered via line of site radio, Fixed Wireless Ethernet is secure and fast, providing you with flexibility and scale to keep up with changing business conditions.

Key Product Features

  • The network is ideal for high speed and high volume broadband applications including:- Web and Email server hosting, IP Telephone (VoIP), Video Conferencing & Telepresence, E-commerce applications, Virtual Private Networks, and High-speed, high-volume data transfer.
  • Fast installation vs traditional terrestrial services.
  • Intelligent Database Management Systems.
  • Flexibility – Bandwidth upgrades can be done remotely and within short time frames, speeds of up to 1Gb available.
  • Disaster Recovery – Instant switchover alternative to traditional copper and fibre connection for redundancy and emergency capacity.


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