• Traditional Voice Services
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  • Cloud Phone Systems
  • Contact Centre Solutions
  • SIP Trunking
  • Inbound Calling Solutions
Every business needs a voice

Unified Networks prides itself on taking the best business grade solutions and packaging them to be custom fit for your business.

We provide traditional Voice services such as PSTN, ISDN2, a range of ISDN services from multiple carriers, standalone SIP with access either via a private data connection or the Internet. When it comes to Voice we have all the options and can design a simple solution that is highly redundant and ensures your business minimises any risk of downtime.

In addition to the traditional Voice services we are specialists in Cloud based PABX systems and provide a full range that is accessible either by a private data link or the Internet. Not only can Cloud Office PBX phone systems serve as a great foundation for your business they can also provide a much more reliable and resilient solution compared to a traditional onsite PABX. Select from a range of traditional voice services delivered by Australia’s top Tier 1 providers — Telstra, Optus & AAPT.

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Traditional Voice Services

Traditional Office PBX and PABX phone systems are still playing a key role in delivering quality communication solutions for business of all sizes;

Whether it be for SIP, PSTN or ISDN services, any of these services can be combined to deliver a more redundant solution than using traditional Voice services only.

Key features:

  • Access to over 20 calling features such as call waiting, call forward, multiple number, smart ring, voice mail, various call barring and diversion options, calling number display, line hunt and fax.
  • Unified Networks can deliver services Australia Wide using our extensive range of traditional voice services, ensuring all of your business premises whether large or small can be serviced on a single account.
  • You can enjoy the reliability, resiliency and size of network that we provide via our Tier 1 carrier relationships with Telstra, Optus, and AAPT.
  • Unified Networks has direct access to the carrier’s systems for fault management, service delivery and adds/moves/changes. We use our experience and scale to deliver you a customer experience that has not been seen in the Australian Telcommunications market.
  • Transition of existing services occurs without downtime, ensuring a smooth transfer to the benefits of Unified Networks.
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Office Phone Systems

In today’s competitive world, communication is fundamental to the success of any business.

Whether it’s touching base with your suppliers or providing top notch customer support, our range of digital and IP phone combined with specialist items such as receptionist consoles and conference phones delivers on your exacting business requirements.

Working locally or on a global scale? Unified Networks can provide sophisticated calling solutions, with the flexibility to grow at your own pace.


Enable your business to:

  • Communicate with the outside world using a range of traditional voice services, such as Copper based PSTN and ISDN, as well as SIP Trunking (Voice over IP).
  • Allow streamlined collaboration between employees, suppliers and customers.
  • Improve business productivity by utilising system features such as remote workers, remote stations, improved call flow and detailed reporting.
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Cloud Phone Systems

A new era of Cloud-based
technology has arrived

Unified Networks’ CloudPBX platforms provide business the functionality and technology of a traditional Phone System and more without the hefty capital investment. Delivered across our Next Generation Network (NGN).

Key Product Features:

  • Unified Networks Cloud based PABX is accessed via a private and secure data connection ensuring the call quality is supreme and not exposed to hacking.
  • A business grade offering versus traditional Internet based HostedPBX.
  • Fully featured alternative to traditional on-site PBX systems.
  • Fully bundled PBX, Access, Voice Services and Handset solution.
  • Minimises CAPEX and removes maintenance costs to provide a predictable monthly expense.
  • As features and functionality are delivered from the Cloud it future proofs and de-risks your technology choice.
  • Business Continuity – Being cloud based your Cloud Telephony service follows you wherever your business is located. Move your office and your PBX seamlessly follows you.
  • Delivery from the Cloud makes it an excellent solution for multi-site businesses.
  • Unified Communications capability – collaborates and communicates with your employees and suppliers.
  • Traditional phone system features all packaged into one simple monthly price such as conferencing, ring groups, auto attendant and voice recording.
  • Single Dial Plan across Multiple Sites. Dial 4 or 5 digits to ring anyone in your business for free.
  • Number retention through Local Number Portability managed by Unified Networks.
  • All adds/moves and changes are managed by our specialist team without the need to visit your premises, reducing costs, and time for changes to occur.
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Contact Centre Solutions

Vastly improve your customer relations by implementing an award-winning contact centre solution – Interactive Intelligence.

Deployed in our own customer call centre, Interactive Intelligence’s software can provide a host of solutions to better help manage and improve customer relations.

Features include:

Multichannel ACD

  • Intelligent voice routing
  • Email
  • Web chat
  • SMS
  • Social media routing


  • Real-time reporting
  • Historical reporting
  • Supervisor iPad Edition

Voice Self Service

  • Interactive voice response
  • Speech recognition
  • Virtual queue call-back

Workforce Optimisation

  • Multichannel recording
  • Workforce management
  • Strategic planning
  • Quality management
  • Speech analytics
  • Customer surveys

Outbound Dialling

CRM and UC Integrations such as Salesforce CRM.


Business Process Automation

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With Interactive Intelligence you get:
Keep applications and data isolated from others. With the option to maintain voice path, recordings, and other sensitive customer data within your companies own network. Combine this with rock solid data centres, infrastructure, and certified best practices for a secure service that’s also PCI certified.
Use the same proven technology powering over 6,000 customers in 90 countries. Geo-redundancy is built-in for added assurance. And advanced monitoring tells us about any issues so we can resolve them at once.
Bring our extensive level of expertise to your organisation – together with proven and refined best practices from thousands of deployments. We use this solution in our own customer call centres, so are best placed to advise on real world deployments.
SIP Trunking

Use your existing IP data network to get connected.

SIP Trunking bypasses the hefty fees associated with phone line rental as well as the time and expense of managing telephony hardware. By consolidating your Voice and Data traffic, you can maximise the efficiency of your network by creating greater redundancy, reducing cost and improving functionality.

Administration is simpler too. Adds, moves, and changes can happen in a matter of minutes, they are instantly recognised making it easy to adjust the scale of your voice services to handle changing call volumes. Our integrated management tools and centralised billing give greater visibility and allows you to make smarter, faster decisions on how to run and build your business communications.

Key Product Features

  • VoIP calls and license fees are cheaper than traditional PSTN and ISDN lines.
  • Rapid provisioning – lines can be activated in minutes if required.
  • Ease of relocation – lines can be moved by simply connecting your PBX or IP device to any Internet connection.
  • Enables connection to the SIP Trunk service from any capable device that is connected to the Internet, for example Laptops, IP Phones and Wireless/Cordless Phones.
  • SIP Trunks use a Digital IP Signal, enabling integration with a range of technologies such as CRM Billing Systems etc.
  • Security – Voice calls over the Internet are encrypted and authenticated as opposed to traditional lines.
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Inbound Calling Solutions

Provide essential inbound calling solutions for your customer with our state of the art inbound calling solutions.

Make your business number easy to remember with a range of national (13, 1300, and 1800 numbers) and local inbound services, as well as international toll free and global free access 0800 inbound services. Callers can reach you free of charge or at a flat local rate no matter where your business is located.

Our inbound calling solutions can also help you manage incoming calls based on where the caller is located (e.g. postcode, state), time of call (day of week, time of day, day of year), and where it should be answered or redirected if the main number is busy.

Service Types

  • Access 13 – a 6 digit number making it memorable and easy to dial for a local call charge anywhere in Australia.
  • Access 1300 – similar to the Access 13 service, but 10 digits in length.
  • Free Access 1800 – a 10 digit number free to the calling party.

Key Product Features

  • Portable – if your business changes location, there is no need to change your numbers, simply point the number to your new location.
  • Call Origin Routing – directs calls to the most appropriate number according to exchange, call area, state or region, as well as mobile calls, based on their approximate geographical location.
  • Time Dependent Routing – directs calls to the appropriate number or message out of hours or during local public holidays.
  • Call Barring – prevent calls from parties or locations your customer doesn’t wish to receive or pay for.
  • Call Overflow – diverts calls to alternative destinations if the primary destination is busy.
  • Voicemail – enables calls to be answered by a voicemail system.
  • Fax – allows receipt by a never busy fax service.
  • Porting – Enables customers to bring their existing or new Smart Number across to your service.
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