Data / Internet

Data / Internet

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Australia wide data, network and internet provider.

The face of Australian business is in a state of change; quicker, more reliable Internet access is creating a new environment for business to take place. With Unified Networks we can supply your business with a range of Data and Internet products using Australia’s Tier 1 Carriers such as Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Vocus and TPG, all delivered via own own secure NGN globally connected network. Secure Data and Voice – all backed by our 24×7 Network operations centre, and managed by our 55+ engineers and support staff.

Unified Networks’ NGN delivers a platform that enables an extensive range of Data and Internet access products, Cloud based services (IaaS, backup & hosting) and a full range of Cloud based IP Phone Systems and Voice solutions. Our Next Generation Network is the perfect platform for your business to benefit from the latest in Data access and Cloud services technologies via a private and secure network. Unified Networks is one of only a handful of exclusive Telecommunications providers that can deliver this type of technology.

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Key facts about our network

  • Highly redundant core network design, with dual points of presence in each major capital city (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth), and multiple core carrier providers for transit (Internet), core network switching and links.
  • Our infrastructure is hosted in multiple Next DC and Equinix data centres – Australia’s premier UTI Tier III Data Centre providers.
  • We utilise the most interconnected networks in Australia. This means your Internet traffic is taking the most efficient path to the required content via our peering arrangements (See Anycast Global Backbone: #1 in Australia).
  • Multiple aggregations to multiple upstream Tier 1 carriers enable Unified Networks to deliver truly redundant solutions to our customers.
  • We monitor our core network, unlike other providers who are simply reselling a finished product of a Tier 1 carrier. This allows us to better pro-actively manage and monitor your services, for maximum reliability and uptime.
badge As business moves towards Cloud based platforms, fast, reliable and secure Internet and flexibility have never been more important.

Gain access to Tier 1 carriers including – Telstra, TPG,  AAPT, Vocus and Optus, giving you the widest range of telco products.

Never be without Internet again. Dedicated nbn™ connectivity is ideal for both a primary usage and as a cost-effective secondary failover backup.

As DSL service areas are migrated to nbn™, Unified Networks will seamlessly upgrade your connection to the latest  nbn™ technology ensuring your business productivity and continuity is not affected.

Security is paramount for any business – get protected with our suite of Cisco Meraki and Fortinet security devices.

The easiest way to build complex networks.
Australia wide data and telco networks, simplified.

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