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Why your business needs to consider SD-WAN technology sooner rather than later
For most businesses, creating local networks is a simple process: just hire a network administrator to make sure all the relevant systems speak to each other, and away you go. But operating networks across longer distances or multiple locations - known as a Wide-Area Network or WAN - are a…
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Is the arrival of 5G a threat to the nbn™?
The rollout of the National Broadband Network is steaming ahead, well over half-way complete. However, there is another technology that keeps grabbing news headlines: the arrival of 5G. Is this new wireless standard really a threat to the nbn™? On the face of it, it seems there's a strong case…
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PBX in the Cloud
A Cloud PBX system, also known as Hosted PBX, means the end of expensive onsite hardware – it's a new generation of phone system that lives “in the cloud” and provides your business with access to enterprise features for a fraction of the cost. Our Cloud PBX system resides in…
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