SIP Trunking

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Modern IP phone technology for your business

SIP Trunking (or Session Initiation Protocol) is simply a way to deliver voice services, and even video, via the Internet – the digital equivalent of a phone line. It bypasses the hefty fees associated with traditional phone line rentals as well as the time and expense of managing telephony hardware.

By consolidating your Voice and Data traffic, you can maximise the efficiency of your network by creating greater redundancy, reducing cost and improving functionality.

Use your existing handsets, connect to your current PBX system, or even move to Cloud PBX – SIP is a flexible solution, able to work across legacy technologies such as ISDN, through to the latest nbn™ and direct fibre connections.

Administration is simpler too. Adds, moves, and changes can happen in a matter of minutes – they are instantly recognised making it easy to adjust the scale of your voice services to handle changing call volumes. Our integrated management tools and centralised billing give greater visibility and allows you to make smarter, faster decisions on how to run and build your business communications.

Private SIP

Unified Networks can provision Private SIP trunks when your business uses our NGN Internet connections. Using Private SIP your voice traffic never touches the public Internet ensuring the highest quality, reliability and maximum security.  Best of all, this comes at no extra cost!

badge SIP equals flexibility and cost savings for your business

SIP Key Features

  • VoIP calls and license fees are cheaper than traditional PSTN and ISDN lines.
  • Rapid provisioning – lines can be activated in minutes if required.
  • Ease of relocation – lines can be moved by simply connecting your PBX or IP device to any Internet connection.
  • Enables connection to the SIP Trunk service from any capable device that is connected to the Internet, for example laptops, IP phones and cordless phones.
  • SIP Trunks use a Digital IP Signal, enabling integration with a range of technologies such as CRM Billing Systems etc.
  • Security – Voice calls over the Internet are encrypted and authenticated as opposed to traditional lines.
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