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CDK Stone required a refresh of their data network and phone system across all their Australian sites.

CDK Stone and Unified Networks successfully deployed a complex virtualised Mitel solution across seven sites throughout Australia using a custom designed MPLS Network.


For over 35 years, CDK Stone has been supplying high quality, premium Natural Stone and stone products. With branches in five states of Australia and two locations in New Zealand, CDK Stone has become the leader in the Australian Stone Industry.

CDK Stone was using an aging traditional PBX system running over ISDN. Several factors propelled them to consider refreshing their system – the lack of features on their current system, the shutdown of the ISDN network across Australia, and wanting a more robust solution, having suffered numerous network issues.

With sites across Australia, CDK Stone were looking for collaboration features such as instant messaging, status indicators and the ability for any location to answer calls, ensuring customer inquiries were answered no matter which location they rang.

They were also looking for redundancy options for their head office, faster data connections for all locations and someone who could work with their external IT provider.


Our sales team put together a presentation which outlined how our proposed solution, including the Mitel controllers, 50+ Mitel handsets, an MPLS network across all sites and a Managed Service Agreement would have the same monthly spend as their existing old phone system running via ISDN.

With that sort of positive ROI including better technology, more features and support, and a robust data network it was a financially sound decision to implement the Unified Networks solution.

The first step was to liaise with their external IT team to stand up the Mitel virtual servers in a resilient NextDC data centre. A huge advantage of a virtualised solution is there is no requirement for on-site bulky PBX hardware.

Data links were then provisioned at each site and aggregated back into Unified Network’s own private network, allowing for private SIP and site-to-site data traffic that never traverses the public Internet.

At the head office an additional 4G failover link was provisioned, ensuring data and phone redundancy in case of any outages. Cisco routers and Mitel handsets were remotely programmed and installed across Australia.

Additionally the Mitel system was configured to ensure customers calls were always answered by staff if someone wasn’t available at one of the other site offices.

The Mitel MiCollab software allows the CDK Stone staff to easily instant message each other, see who is on phone calls, integrate with their Microsoft Outlook, check their voicemails and control their handset behaviour. All this can be co-ordinated from their head office, or remotely programmed by our Unified Networks’ technicians.

Solution Design

UN - CDK Stone Solution Design

  • CDK Stone had an old phone system in need of a refresh.
  • Needed to ensure seamless operation across 7 sites throughout Australia.
  • Wanted a more capable and robust solution.
  • We implemented a Mitel MiVoice Business and Mitel MiCollab solution across an MPLS network.
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The resilient MPLS network architecture has already proven itself over the past six months – reducing the median number of network incidents from eight a month down to zero!

Don’t take our word for it – here’s some feedback we received:

“As the lead project manager at CDK Stone, I can attest to the professionalism of Unified Networks and the difference it has made to our communication operations.

The Unified Networks’ team, their MPLS Network and the Mitel solution has bought positive change to our organisation and we are seeing the benefits already. The software is a huge leap forward and now we have an effective national system that brings scalability and better customer service.”

Luis Fabres, Project Manager

“The Mitel phone system has been a terrific tool to make life easier at CDK Stone. I am now able to transfer calls Australia wide and I can also see which reception is currently busy and when I am free to call.

The modular system is super helpful as I can add or remove sections as they are required. I feel the Mitel phone system has bought me closer to my colleague’s interstate as it has made connecting so easy – I speak with CDK Stone staff more than ever now that everybody is so accessible.”

Ashleigh Wareing, Internal Sales Consultant
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